Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sedimentation and Prospect, Only for Growth

When it is in good harvest, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. also brings good news. From November 2013 to October 2014, the company achieved a total sales of 130 million yuan, an increase of 15% over the same period last year.

At the same time, the performance of large and medium sized sets of equipment has not failed to live up to people. The company has successfully delivered 28 sets of AK73 resource regeneration projects to Tianjing, AK135 SK96 deactivation and reactive extrusion project, 4 sets of SK96 PP, PPR underwater pelletizing production line to Zhejiang, 4 sets of SK96/250 chemical cross linking cable material set to Anhui, PPR 20 thousand annual underwater pelletizing production line to Shandong, 4 sets of AK125 super high molecular weight spinning production line to Jiangsu, 12 sets of AK96 silicone production line and many other projects to Guangdong.

customer site of KY complete equipment

Looking ahead to the next fiscal year, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. strives to be more advanced in the following areas:

  1. "Speaking with performance", KY equipment predicts that the market prospects of co-rotating twin screw extrusion granulator unit will be better, and strive for sales growth of 10% - 15% over the previous fiscal year;

  2. "Product is the key". Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. will further improve the third generation products, introduce 1200 rpm high-performance mainframe, and fully develop a self-developed set of auxiliary machines (including granulation, vibration subsystem, dehydration system, conventional feeding system, ultra-fine and ultra-light side feeding system);

  3. "Pioneer in science and technology", Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. equipment will improve the level of automation control of complete equipment, significantly reduce energy consumption, while bringing users a new operating experience;

  4. "think of users", Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. will improve the after-sale service system, realize the real-time monitoring of the user's field equipment, realize the remote diagnosis through mobile phones or mobile terminals, timely and effectively solve the operation failure of the user equipment, greatly shorten the time of user failure due to equipment failure, and improve the efficiency of equipment utilization.