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Why Twin Screw Extruders are Popular

1. Good self-cleaning and easy to observe

Because there is certain friction between the two screws of the twin screw extruder, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of material stagnation, and this design structure can have self-cleaning better. In addition, when using a reputable twin screw extruder, it is very convenient to open the twin screw extruder, so that the internal components can be clearly observed, but if there is abrasion or other problems, they can be replaced in time.

2. Reduce production costs

The openable processing area enables the professional twin screw extruder to have greater advantages in color change of product and refueling, etc., and the mixing process can be analyzed by observing the melt profile on the whole screw. In particular, the split twin screw extruder can quickly open the barrel for manual cleaning, which can effectively reduce the use of cleaning materials.

3. Improve labor efficiency

During mechanical maintenance, the reasonable design of the double screw extruder can lift the upper part of the barrel only by removing the necessary bolts and turning the handle device of the turbine box, so that the barrel can be opened for repair. Because of this, the twin screw extruder not only saves time and reduces the labor intensity of maintenance workers, but also reduces the production discontinuity caused by equipment wear.

These are the main reasons for the popularity of twin screw extruder. In addition, it has the characteristics of high torque and high speed. Through the observation of the development trend of twin screw extruder, it can be found that the current field is developing in the direction of high torque, high speed and low energy consumption. For example, the productivity improvement brought by the high speed of twin screw extruder, especially reflected in the split twin screw extruder, makes it more suitable for the production and processing of high viscosity and thermosensitive materials. If you have any interests, our comany has good quality twin screw extruder for sale.