Development History

Development History

  • 2023

    Groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory and KY 30th anniversary celebration

    "China Plastic Machinery - KYmach GUANGZHI Award" ceremony held with Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

    New Corporate image and logo launching.

    An annual 40,000-ton ABS pellet production project delivered via digital intelligence.

  • 2022

    Awarded "Jiangsu Specialized and Sophisticated SME(Small and Middle Enterprise)”

    Jiangsu Province Engineering and Technology Research Center, Project awarded: “Intelligent and Efficient Twin-Screw Extruder"

    “HKV Polymer Reaction Deep Groove Twin-Screw” - Ringier Technology Innovation Award

  • 2021

    Awarded the Outstanding Influential Brand in Pelletizing Equipments

    Approved as the “Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technical Center”

    Developed a twin-screw extruder model specialized for the bio-degradable plastics compounding system

    Awarded the “Preferred Member" in the Chinese Plastic Processing Industry “13th Five-Year Plan S&T(Scientific and Technological) Innovation."

  • 2020

    Approval Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center.

    During Pandemic, delivered over 100 units of PP melt-blown extruders, marking the peak record of 9 units per day.

  • 2019

    Listed as "Leading Enterprise in the Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry".

    Led the industry standard establishment for the "Co-rotating Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder for PP Meltblown Material Preparation."

  • 2013-4

    Liu Yunshan, a member of the Central Politburo Standing Committee, came to KY to inspect 24 sets of division and production line equipment.

  • 2013

    KY has accomplished comprehensive breakthrough.

  • 2012-9

    KY undertook the China Engineering Plastics Composite Technology Seminar2012.

  • 2012-4

    KY took part in NPE 2012 in the America; the brand-new generation of HK35 experiment was exhibited.

  • 2012

    KY's sale volume reached 120 million Yuan; we will continue to lead the industry of twin-screw extruders.

  • 2011-11

    Chinese Degradable Plastic Professional Committee that was held by KY in 2011 came to a successful ending. DCS control system had been put into use.

  • 2011-10

    KY's all series of products passed the EU CE Certification.

  • 2010-6

    Liao Zhengpin, chairman of Chinese Plastic Professional Committee, came and visited KY.

  • 2010-5

    Till now, more than 11 famous equipment integration suppliers home and abroad become strategic partners with KY.

  • 2010-3

    The newly set-up KY was founded.

  • 2010

    KY comprehensively upgraded its electrical control system to the plant level, and realized the remote diagnosis function and etc..

  • 2010

    KY provided its new generation twin-screw extruders of AK, HK and SK to customers home and abroad.

  • Before 2010

    KY actively did some research on one-step reactive extruders and large& medium-sized double screw units, achieved the delivery work on the first batch of large and medium-sized domestic double screw projects.

  • 2005-10

    KY's modern new factory area of 24000 ㎡ in Jiangning Development Zone had completed.

  • 2005-5

    KY was titled Excellent Enterprise in Nanjing by Nanjng Economic and Trade Commission, Nanjing organization department of Municipal Party Committee, and City Federation of Trade Unions

  • 2005-4

    Created the record of 54 machines delivered monthly.

  • 2005

    Luo Zhijun, the secretary of Municipal party committee, came and visited KY.

  • 2004/7-10

    KY, (Nanjing top ten private science and technology advanced enterprises) cooperated with Coperion, (the largest company in compounding industry).

  • 2004

    KY exhibited its new machine at Adsale, caused widespread attention to the customers both at home and abroad.

  • 2003

    After ten years of entrepreneurship, KY created four National First for eight years. We also cooperate with many world famous companies, like Farrel in America, W&P in German, Buss in Swiss, Maris in Italy and companies in Japan.

  • 2003

    KY was awarded the title of China's Top Ten Plastic Machinery Brand and China's Plastics Industry Contribution Award by The International Media Industry.

  • 2001

    KY firstly achieved ISO9001: 2000 and CE certification, we firmly believe that clean, neat and orderly manufacturing site is the guarantee of product quality.

  • Till 2000

    TE series twin-screw extruders developed by technicians from KY won a dozen of national science and technology progress prizes, Provincial awards and nearly 10 patents.

  • 1999

    KY was reported by the People's Daily as The Little Giant in Nanjing.

  • 1999

    20000 tons/year PP underwater granulating device produced by KY in Xinjiang Ta Petrochemical Project passed the acceptance.

  • 1998

    The new TE series of twin screw extruders launched to market.

  • 1993

    Jiangsu KY Chemical Equipment Co. LTD. (the predecessor of Nanjing Keya) was founded with Registered capital of $550000.