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KEYA Twin Screw Extruder

About KY

KY Chemical Machinery, with decades of design practice in twin screw extruder industry, commissions and service experience of more than 3000 complete sets of equipment to all over the world, with dozens strategic partner of well-known brands home and abroad, will be a new Little Giant, and continue to lead the innovation and development in the industry. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a bright future.

Founded in 1993, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently the largest parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder manufacturer in China and Asia with an annual output of 250-450 sets. It has installed more than 8000 sets of extruder systems worldwide, covering chemical, plastic, textile, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Solutions of Extruder Machine

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    SK70 Plus Twin Screw Extruder

    SK40Plus series twin screw extruder adopts the high speed and high torque transmission system made by Henshl, Germany. The screw speed is 900 or 1200rpm. is 15 Nm/cm3. than that of the torque. The dri...
  • Recommended Products

    HK73 Twin Screw Extruder

  • Recommended Products

    HK73 Twin Screw Extruder

  • Recommended Products

    KY-Lab Twin Screw Extruder

Various Applications of KY Extruder

  • Compounding Compounding
    The mixing of plastics is to use an effective means or equipment to process multi-component raw materials into more uniform and practical particles.
  • Masterbatch Masterbatch
    Masterbatch is an indispensable part of the plastic industry. It can not only give colourful plastic products but also improve the value of commodities, etc.
  • Engineering Plastic Engineering Plastic
    New functional polymers, which began in the 1940s, mainly consist of various engineering plastics.
  • Thermosensitive Cable Material Thermosensitive Cable Material
    Thermosensitive material is a kind of material with poor thermal stability. It is sensitive to temperature and easy to decompose, degrade and discolor at high temperature.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Thermoplastic Elastomer
    Mixing modification of elastomer——blending modification of SBS/SEBSApplication:The English acronym of Thermoplastic Elastomer is TPE.
  • HFFR / XLpe HFFR / XLpe
    Flame retardant, low smoke and halogen-free cross-linked cable material is a new type of environmental protection cable material.
  • Biodegradation Recycled Plastic Biodegradation Recycled Plastic
    Biodegradable plastics refer to a kind of plastic which is degraded by natural microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.

  • 01 Industry News Why Twin Screw Extruders are Popular
    1. Good self-cleaning and easy to observeBecause there is certain friction between the two screws of the twin screw extruder, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of material stagnation, and this ...
  • 02 Industry News Advantages of Twin Screw Extruder
    The twin screw compounding extruder is to transform solid plastics into uniform melts by heating, pressing and shearing, and send the melts to the next process, which is continuously optimized by the ...
  • 03 Industry News How to Clean the Extruder
    1. Resin cleaningAs the name implies, use a resin, such as polyester resin or epoxy resin cleaner, generally used in new equipment or extruder for a period of time. Because some materials remain on th...
  • 04 Industry News Methods to Improve the Working Efficiency of Twin Screw Extruder
    1. Improve consumption efficiencyTo improve consumption efficiency is one of the important purposes of the development of twin screw extruder, which is achieved by increasing screw speed, strengthenin...

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