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HK Extruder for Mass Production

In the field of engineering plastics and high filling, mass production and stability have always been the most concerned problem for users. At this time, the larger type of production equipment has become an urgent need. The equipment type of large-scale production, the diameter of KY equipment screw for selection, starts from 63 mm. Common models such as HK63, HK73, and HK96 extruders can provide different batch production scales from 500 kg/h to 3000 kg/h. In conventional applications such as polymer blending, filling and reinforcing, these devices can provide stable output for users.

For medium-scale production equipment, the transmission system of HK twin screw extruder also provides a good basis for high production. In addition, HK equipment upgrades the temperature control system in an all-round way, and also provides a larger vacuum exhaust system, which provides accurate temperature control and appropriate exhaust and devolatilization under the condition of super-high production, and provides conditions for stable production.

In addition to common applications, medium-sized HK twin screw extruders also have many applications in the production of some special materials, such as TPU, bioplastics, LFT, etc. Welcome to contact KY for consultation.