Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Auxiliary Equipment

  • AKP Series Strand Pelletizer AKP Series Strand Pelletizer

    As the most commonly used granulation auxiliary machine, stretch granulator is one of the key equipment for users to obtain stable quality and beautiful appearance products.

    AKP Series Strand Pelletizer
  • AKW Series Water Ring Pelletizer AKW Series Water Ring Pelletizer

    For some materials such as elastomers with low hardness or easy adhesion, it is recommended to use a water ring granulator for granulation.

    AKW Series Water Ring Pelletizer
  • Material handling auxiliaries Material handling auxiliaries

    Material handling auxiliaries include material storage and transportation, mixing and metering, transportation and special treatment to the main equipment, forced feeding of special materials

    Material handling auxiliaries

Nanjing KY is a customer's compounding plant and our extrusion production line with all the auxiliary machines. We provide a complete range of auxiliary solutions combined with customer process application, which can ensure the optimal output of production capacity and ensure product quality for KY compounding and extrusion production line, and provide more suitable and simplified operation process for customers to help customers continuously and effectively improve products and provide benefits.

Plastic auxiliaries cover a wide range, ranging from batch raw material processing, storage to mixed metering, to drying, packaging and storage and transportation of finished materials, which is related to the efficiency and safety of the operation of the whole compounding plant and is essential to the final quality and return of customer factories.

All auxiliary equipment, except part of KY development and production, is from the best suppliers in the industry. KY carries out the overall design and implementation of the scheme to ensure that customers get consistent user experience.