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Material handling auxiliaries

Material handling auxiliaries include material storage and transportation, mixing and metering, transportation and special treatment to the main equipment, forced feeding of special materials during extrusion, collection and treatment of moisture and low molecular volatile matter, including material extrusion control, dehumidification and drying storage of product materials, and cold and heat exchange, gas recovery, and waste materials in the whole production process. Li et al. These material handling auxiliaries vary widely and are closely related to the process of materials, the types of raw materials, the scale of production, and the laws and regulations of the factory location. KY and customers together, to provide a full range of professional compliance solutions.

Usually, KY provides material handling auxiliaries covering the upstream and downstream facilities and machinery of a mixing plant. Typical materials handling stations, crushers, cold/hot mixers, weightless metering systems, positive pressure or negative pressure material conveying, lateral forced feed or exhaust systems, etc., all incorporate the application experience of KY in the industry for many years. Customers are welcome to contact us according to material processes or equipment specifications.

In all aspects of material handling, some material handling auxiliaries have quite critical functions. KY produces various types of vibration screens, which can screen particles that do not meet the requirements to improve the appearance quality of products. The silos and bulk feeders widely used in upstream and downstream areas are also one of KY's standard products. These products are integrated with KY's practical experience in the plastic industry for many years and designed and manufactured according to the same standard quality system of KY products, which can meet the different needs of customers in various production links.