Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Screw Shafts

KY provides two standard spline screw shafts, with GB or DIN standard, to meet customer needs. The length diameter ratio ranges from 28 to 68. The material is 40CrNiMo, specially treated and used in the form of involute spline. It can be used at high speed, high torsion and high load. It can also be made of imported nitrogenous martensitic stainless steel WR15E and WR30, which have good toughness and mechanical properties. In the process of processing, the accuracy is strictly controlled to ensure the groove depth, groove spacing standard, smooth surface, toughness and durability. Through the first-class heat treatment process, the hardness range of the mandrel can be controlled between HB300-400 according to the different torque requirements of customers.

Dimension range: Φ15mm-Φ350mm(screw size)