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SK Plus Series Co Rotating Twin screw extruder

  • SK40 Plus Extruder SK40 Plus Extruder

    Interior Description Of Sk40Plus Extruder1)SK40Plus adopted the high-speed and high torque transmission system made by Henshl, Germany.

    SK40 Plus Extruder
  • SK70 Plus Extruder SK70 Plus Extruder

    SK70Plus adopts the high-speed and high torque transmission system customized by Henshl, Germany.

    SK70 Plus Extruder

Overview of SK Plus Series Twin screw extruder

Since KY introduced SK plus series twin screw extruder(equipment) in 2017, the equipment has achieved a good response in the market; the series products in the torque grade, structure, humanized design, and Germany ZSK, JSW and other no generation difference; the equipment has the following characteristics:

High-efficiency transmission system of SK Plus Series Twin screw extruder

SK40Plus series twin screw extruder adopts the high speed and high torque transmission system made by Henshl, Germany. The screw speed is 900 or 1200rpm. is 15 Nm/cm3. than that of the torque. The drive system of SK40Plus series twin screw extruder adopts the latest design of Henshall. Compared with the original T1MAX series products, the overall strength and gear system stability are greatly improved, while the volume is smaller, but more powerful lubrication and cooling system are available. In order to make the user use the SK40Plus series twin screw extruder safely and quietly.

KY Cloud Control System

SK40Plus  series twin screw extruderuses the newly developed KY control system based on the mobile Internet. The system is based on industrial Internet communication. The operation and monitoring system integrates some SCADA and MES functions. It not only contains the user's commonly used control interface, process parameters, and trend data recording interface but also realizes the functions of device management, equipment OEE analysis, order management, recipe management, remote maintenance and so on through extension. By connecting the industrial Internet, it can not only pass KY Cloud service facilitates remote monitoring and maintenance of users, and provides a unified standard TCP/IP communication interface and protocol that can be docked with users'ERP and other systems. Really realized the integration of industrialization, digitalization, and informationization of extruder production lines!!

Optimizing Processing Section

SKPlus series twin screw extruder provides a variety of specifications of screw components, the cylinder has 4D and 6D different lengths, to facilitate process engineers to adapt to more formulations for screw design. At the same time, SK40Plus uses HIP powder metallurgical materials imported from Germany to make a screw and cylinder. In terms of temperature control, the SKPlus high-efficiency cooling pipe is equipped with an imported coaxial valve. The cylinder of SK40Plus series twin screw extruder adopts a new radial cooling water channel design, and the heating elements imported from Italy are used to improve the temperature control efficiency while reducing the temperature difference distribution and thermal deformation of the cylinder, thereby avoiding the local shear heat and hardware wear, thus improving the service life of the equipment and parts.

Head and ease of use

SK Plus series twin screw extruder has designed a new type of nose with a shorter runner and double hinges, which can be opened more quickly and cleaned more conveniently when changing colors or materials, thus reducing the waste of working hours and materials for users. At the same time, it is equipped with lateral feeding, lateral exhaust, enhanced feeding, and other devices.