Factory Show

Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has a complete modern processing technology system, nearly 100 set of high-precision professional processing machine tools such as advanced CNC machining center workshop, professional thread CNC grinder, CNC profile grinder, large horizontal milling and boring machining center and other high-precision professional processing machine tools.

  • We ensure the leading technology in the industry. It comes from the deep understanding of the industry and the continuous progress of technology.

  • Exclusive cooperation with top domestic heat treatment suppliers

  • Quality is our responsibility and our commitment to you. We control and track every process and assembly step to ensure the satisfactory quality of screw extruder machine.

Processing and manufacturing capability is the guarantee to ensure a reasonable delivery cycle. The only large screw CNC grinder in the industry can produce 260 mm diameter component diagrams.

Precision tool alignment instrument: Precision CNC Tool Setting Instrument, drive box, base, cylinder, screw, meshing block and other core parts are all processed by NC.

High-level processing technology for core components and nearly 30 inspection requirements for each process ensure the realization of the third generation twin-screw technological innovation of Koya equipment. Closely supervise each production joint, use German high-precision quality inspection instruments and processing equipment, similar quality inspection plans and factory inspection (TBD) It is not only the product of various kinds of high-quality and sophisticated testing instruments and modern processing technology, but also the product of exquisite combination of NC processing equipment and operation technology.