Intelligent Control System

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    Self-developed control system of KY has reliable performance and is convenient for customers to operate and maintain. From a single instrument and PLC to an integrated control system based on factory level, man-machine interaction and remote management can be realized. Customers can choose to control and manage the whole production system by mobile phone, computer or control system.

  • Intelligent Control System

    It provides three choices:

    KY-BASIC is operated by conventional instruments. It has basic functions of control and information display. It is practical and reliable.

    KY-TOUCH uses a 12-inch touch screen to achieve all operations, with working condition trends and data archiving functions.

    KY-SMART factory-level intelligent control, mobile Internet technology, real-time control, remote operation and data analysis

  • Intelligent Control System

    New generation intelligent control system based on Internet +SCMS system of screw extruder machine can provide integrated management and control system of automatic control, data acquisition, system monitoring, data analysis, production management and standard data interface for modified pelletizing enterprises. It can integrate SCADA and MES systems, provide reliable technical guarantee for industrial upgrading of traditional plastic modified pelletizing enterprises, and complete integrated automatic control of multiple production lines. 

  • Intelligent Control System

    Automation management and control of the whole production process can also provide life cycle service of extruder production line, realize equipment account management, equipment age, equipment start-up rate, output statistics, maintenance reminder, maintenance management, etc., and provide assistant decision analysis for intelligent management of factory. At the same time, the system can be seamlessly connected to the user's ERP system through Ethernet interface and software expansion, laying the foundation for the realization of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory management.

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