ZK70 Plus Extruder

ZK70 Plus Extruder adopts the high-speed and high torque transmission system customized by Henshl, Germany. The screw speed 600/900rpm. is 15 Nm/cm3. higher than the torque, corresponding to the motor power 400/600kw

Features of ZK70 Plus Extruder are:

  1. High efficiency water-cooled permanent magnet motor is selected for the motor, which has low noise, good cooling effect, excellent load characteristics, good low-speed performance, small size, and low weight.

  2. The cylinder adopts a new type of water cooling runner structure, and the steel column seal is used to isolate and seal the waterway so that the cylinder can be cooled more efficiently and steadily to ensure the uniformity of temperature in each region.

  3. The cylinder and screw are made of HIP powder metallurgy material, and different metal materials can be selected according to the physical and chemical characteristics of raw materials (such as corrosion, hardness, etc.).

  4. In the aspect of temperature control, the high-efficiency heating rod or heating plate structure of this plastic extrusion equipment for sale is adopted to effectively reduce the heat loss in the heating process, and the imported coaxial valve is equipped to realize the cooling water control of millisecond level, the valve is dirty resistant, not easy to clog, and the pressure is balanced.

  5. KY cloud control system is based on a mobile and interconnected KY cloud control system newly developed by Nanjing KY. The system is based on industrial Internet communication. The operation and monitoring system integrates some SCADA and MES functions. It not only contains the user's commonly used control interface, process parameters, and trend data recording interface but also realizes the functions of device management, equipment OEE analysis, order management, recipe management, remote maintenance and so on through extension. By connecting the industrial Internet, it can not only pass KY Cloud service facilitates remote monitoring and maintenance of users, and provides a unified standard TCP/IP communication interface and protocol that can be docked with users'ERP and other systems. Really realized the integration of industrialization, digitalization, and informationization of the extruder production line.

Plant parameter of ZK70 Plus Extruder

TYPEpower of motorScrew speeddraw ratioOutputMain equipment size
KWRPMKG/hLong Mx wide MX high M
ZK70400/560600/90036~601200~28007x 0.8x 1.6

ZK70 Plus Extruder