Extruder Parts

Nanjing KY is one of the companies with the largest spare extruder parts storage in the whole industry, with more than 55000 varieties. With the first-class warehouse coding management system in the world, it can inquire about the real-time storage situation of spare extruder parts in a very short time to deal with various emergencies of customers. KY provides various twin screw extruder parts, including  twin-screw extruder elements, screw shafts, barrels, and electrical components. Click and check our extruder components below.

  • Screw Element Screw Element

    1.All component materials are supplied by domestic first-line brands or European professional materials suppliers of twin-screw plastics machines.

    Extruder Parts
  • Screw Shafts Screw Shafts

    KY provides two standard spline mandrels, GB and DIN, to meet customer needs. The Machinable aspect ratio ranges from 28 to 68.

    Extruder Parts
  • Barrels Barrels

    The shell of the basic grade cylinder is made of 45 # steel. The inner liner of the cylinder is made of basic alpha-101 bimetallic material.

    Extruder Parts
  • Electrical components Electrical components

    KY can provide extruder spare parts of Siemens, ABB, ETON, Schneider, LS, IDEC, Yaskawa and other international and domestic brands.

    Extruder Parts

Buy Extruder Components from KY

  • KY has adopted the first-class brand constant temperature and humidity air conditioning device to ensure that twin screw extruder parts are not affected by temperature, humidity, and other external environments in the storage process.

  • With its own technical accumulation, KY can also provide extruder spare parts for more than 40 kinds of twin-screw extruders of 7 International brands, including mechanical and electrical spare parts such as screw components, cylinders, and mandrels.

  • All extruder spare parts are guaranteed to be new, unused, and properly preserved. KY extruder components are made of imported materials, the best domestic materials, and first-class processing technology, and meet the quality, specifications, and performance requirements specified in the quality standards in all aspects.