SK73 Twin Screw Extruder

Overview of SK73 Twin Screw Extruder

In order to adapt to the production process of high-yield materials, SK73 twin-screw extruder not only mainly considers the selection of screw barrel material and the accuracy of formula, but also considers that the production capacity of SK73 twin screw extruder will exceed 1000kg/h, and makes detailed consideration in automation, humanization and intelligence of the equipment.

In order to reduce the waste of unnecessary materials and manpower in the process of operation and use, for example, the underwater automatic stretching auxiliary machine is used for PET modification operation and granulation equipment, which realizes fully automatic stretching and completely solves the problem of manual stretching again in the process of broken strips.

SK73 twin screw extrusion machine can be used in a large number of filling masterbatch, engineering plastics, functional masterbatch, blending and modification industries.

Device parameters of SK73 twin screw extruder

ModelMotor power (KW)Screw speed (RPM)Aspect ratioOutput (KG/h)Size of main equipment
(Length Mx, width Mx and height M)
SK73315/400600/90036~601000~20008x 1.2x 1.8

The SK73 Twin Screw Extruder is used for polyolefin and elastomer materials. For the large production of ordinary strip pelletizing operation, our company adopted T-die-like die structure design in the design of the machine head, which effectively ensures the uniformity of the output, and uses heating rod heating. Similar to other types of twin-screw extruder produced by Keya, this series can also effectively ensure the uniformity of temperature around the runner.

SK73 Twin Screw Extruder