HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder

HKY / SKY series two-stage extrusion system: the first stage is HK or SK series high speed and high torque co-rotating twin screw extruder, the second stage is single screw extruder to form a two-stage compound extrusion system.

The system combines twin screw high speed, strong mixing with single screw low speed, low temperature and weak shearing characteristics to enhance advantages and avoid disadvantages. It is the preferred model for mixing and modifying heat-sensitive and shearing-sensitive materials efficiently nowadays. The main granulation methods are air-cooled hot cutting and eccentric water mist granulation. This plastic extrusion equipment for sale can also be matched with drawing strip cold cutting and water ring hot cutting.

  • HK53-120 Extruder HK53-120 Extruder

    HKY 53-120 is mainly used for the production of PVC cable materials and medical materials: the upper stage is HK 53 twin-screw extruder, the high-torque twin-screw transmission box produced by Koya

    HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder
  • HK63-150 Extruder HK63-150 Extruder

    HKY 63-150 is mainly used to produce EVA shielding material and PE/EVA carbon black masterbatch: the upper stage is HK 63 twin screw extruder, KY produced high-torque twin-screw transmission box

    HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder
  • HK73-180 Extruder HK73-180 Extruder

    HKY 73-180 low smoke halogen-free (HFFR) or halogen-free flame retardant cable material: the upper stage is HK 73 twin screw extruder

    HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder
  • HK96-200 Extruder HK96-200 Extruder

    HKY 96-200 is mainly used for XLPE cross-linked insulated cable material: the upper stage is HK 96 twin screw extruder

    HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder

Applications of HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder:

  • PVC Cable Material and XLPE Peroxide Crosslinking Material

  • Soft PVC Medical Material

  • Hard PVC Products

  • EVA Foamed Shoe Bottom Material

  • PE Low Smoke Halogen Free Resistance Fuel

Main Features of HKY / SKY Two Stage Extruder:

  • Plasticization, mixing and homogenization of twin screw processing section

  • Open melt feeding single screw extruder without backpressure, and exhaust and devolatilization can be carried out at the same time.

  • Soft extrusion of materials through the template of single screw extruder

  • Air-cooled granulation, eccentric water mist granulation, stretch granulation and water ring granulation can be selected according to material properties.

  • Smaller power and area

  • Fully automatic raw material mixing and granulation process to reduce labor costs

  • Easy to operate, excellent safety and stability