Screw Element

  1. All component materials are supplied by domestic first-line brands or European professional materials suppliers of twin-screw plastics machines. And check the extruder screw elements and metallography to ensure that the raw materials are safe and nothing wrong.

  2. 100% internal spline is checked with a spline plug gauge to ensure the interchangeability of components.

  3. All of our twin screw extruder elements are finished by CNC grinding after heat treatment. The surface roughness of this series is less than Ra0.8, which completely eliminates the influence of heat treatment deformation on the quality of components.

  4. Powder high-speed steel processed by the European HIP process and treated strictly according to the heat treatment process of each other, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the same as those of foreign first-line brands.

  5. As a professional technical team of twin screw extruder screw elements, KEYA can not only provide timely and accurate sample surveying and mapping design, but also provide technical services in twin screw element assembly.

  6. Whether domestic or foreign first-line brand mainframe, the company has detailed technical information and special fixture, which can provide spare parts service quickly; common components are fully stocked and shipped on the same day; new twin screw extruder screw elements are delivered within 45 days;

  7. Perfect modern management system to ensure that customers receive 100% qualified twin screw extruder screw elements, while the quality of each twin screw element is traceable.

Screw element diameter range: Φ15-Φ230mm

Screw elements type:

Convey element

Kneading block

Conversion element GD

Deep Channel Conveyor Element SK

SK-N Original of Deep Slot Transition Block

Components for side feeding

Single head, double head and triple head

Customer OEM

Screw Element