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Find KY Cpmpany in USA and China:

  • Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. Headquarters

    Address: No.59 West Tianyuan Road, Jiangning,Nanjing, China

    Postcode: 211100

    Telephone Number: +0086-25-52705088  52706150  52706151  52706152

    Fax: +0086-25-52706166



  • KY in USA

    Office Add: 53 Purple Jasmin, Irvine, CA 92620

    Factory Add: USA California Riverside 6688 Doolittle Avehue

    Tel: 949-735-0671


We are looking for excellent partners:

  • Position: Senior Electrical Engineer

    Responsibilities of the position:

    - The formulation and implementation of the company's product electrical control system scheme and software agreement;

    - Responsible for the development and design of software program of PLC motion control system.

    - Daily electrical control system schematic design and development work;

    - Responsible for the pre-sale and after-sale technical support of the customer site due to needs 

    of our company;


    - Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electrical and automation control.

    - More than 3 years working experience;

    - Proficient in circuit theory, digital circuit, analog circuit and other basic skills, and professional 

    design software of CAD or EPLAN.

    - Proficient in Siemens PLC programming, touch screen programming, skilled operation and use

    of TIA portal software, familiar with various low-voltage electrical, frequency converter,

    temperature control instruments and other applications. Those who is experienced in software

    development is preferred.

    - Strong team awareness, strong communication skills, independence, flexibility, self-learning 

    ability and self-management ability.

  • Position: Electrical Engineer of After-sale service

    Responsibilities of the position:

    Those who can be on a business trip frequently and independently finish the on-site electrical 

    commissioning and maintenance tasks of the twin-screw extruders. The main tasks include 

    commissioning of wiring, motor, frequency converter, temperature control meter, PLC program 

    modification of SIEMENS TIA software, initial operation and maintenance of equipment.


    - College degree or above, able to be on a business trip frequently;

    -More than 3 years working experience in electrical field customer service, with electrician certificate, skilled computer operation, familiar with TIA programming software, and ability to modify the PLC program independently on site;

    - able to understand electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram and layout plan.

    - Major of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering is preferred

  • Position: Electrical Assembler

    Responsibilities of the position:

    -Familiar with electrical wiring and electrical principles, and can assemble electrical control cabinet according to drawings.

    - Participate in debugging and testing of field equipment and deal with electrical faults.

    - Familiar with low voltage distribution line connection and installation.


    - Secondary school or above, major in mechanical and electrical engineering;

    - More than two years related working experience;

    - With Electrician certificate, master electrical assembly skills, electrical knowledge;

    - Good communication skills, execution skills and team spirit.

  • Position: Mechanical Technical Support Engineer

    Responsibilities of the position:

    Those who can be on a business trip frequently and work independently after the internship to complete the after-sale commissioning and maintenance tasks of the twin-screw extruders. The main tasks are electrical coordination, initial operation of the equipment and maintenance of mechanical components; be able to design and draw special mechanical parts.


    -Graduates of College or above majoring in Machinery Manufacturing and Equipment Engineering

    -Those skilled in AUTOCAD mechanical drawing and familiar with mainstream 3D drawing software are preferred.

    Those who are proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and have no trouble communicating are preferred.

    - Adapt to frequent business trips

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