New Material & New Process

In the past years, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has concentrated on process development and innovation. In addition to the conventional plastics field, it has expanded the application of twin-screw to fiber, film, reactive extrusion and other industries, and has gained a lot of application experience and engineering practice.

Production of new fibers:

  • Aramid 1414 dissolving, defoaming, spinning equipment;

  • Defoaming of asphalt-based carbon fibers and production of plasticizing equipment;

  • PET recycling equipment for fiber production;

New film production:

  • PVB glass explosion-proof film extrusion equipment (monochrome and compound extrusion);

  • Production of PET film (single or multi-layer) without pre-crystallization and drying;

Development of reactive extrusion process:

  • Development of equipment for aramid 1414 twin screw polymerization process;

  • Twin-screw extruder for TPU polymerization reaction;

  • Twin screw extruder for tackifying silicone resin;

  • High temperature nylon polymerization reaction twin screw extruder;

  • Special equipment for polyolefin grafting reaction MAH;

  • POM polymerization equipment;

Extruded special materials:

  • Production equipment of powder coatings twin screw extruder machine for aluminum powder materials;

  • Production equipment for Nb-Fe-B magnetic materials with PA and PPS as bonding materials;

  • Production equipment for ferrite magnetic materials based on PA;

  • MIM materials, including wax-based and POM-based materials, materials containing W powder and iron powder;

  • Hot melt adhesives and leakproof materials based on adhesives;

Twin-screw de-swinging extrusion:

We have successfully removed water, acetone, butanone, hexane from polymer substrates. Acetone, butanone, hexane, cyclohexane, carbon tetrachloride, methanol, ethanol, xylene, chlorobenzene, terphenyl, anthracene, naphthalene and other media with different boiling points have the lowest vacuum up to 0.5mmHg to meet the needs of different processes.

new material