ZK40 Plus Extruder

Interior Description Of ZK40 Plus Extruder

  • ZK40 Plus Extruder adopted the high-speed and high torque transmission system made by Henshl, Germany. The screw speed 600/900/1200rpm. reached 15 Nm/cm3. compared with the torque, corresponding to the motor power 90/132/160kw

  • High efficiency water-cooled permanent magnet motor is selected for the motor, which has low noise, good cooling effect, excellent load characteristics, good low-speed performance, small size, and low weight.

  • The cylinder and screw of this extruder pelletizer are made of HIP powder metallurgical material.

  • In the cooling part, the cylinder adopts a new radial cooling channel design, which reduces the thermal deformation of the cylinder caused by the radial temperature difference, and effectively solves the problem that the water channel blockage can not be cleaned up in the long-term use process.

  • The imported heating rod is adopted with high power density, long life and maintenance-free; stable temperature control, high control accuracy, improved heating efficiency and reduced energy consumption; at the same time, the temperature difference distribution and thermal deformation of the cylinder are reduced, thus avoiding local shear heat and hardware wear.

  • Temperature control, a high-efficiency cooling pipeline with imported coaxial valves, the realization of millisecond cooling water control, valve dirt resistance is not easy to plug, pressure balance and other advantages.

Device parameters of ZK40 Plus Extruder

plant parameter typepower of motorScrew speeddraw ratiooutputMain equipment size
KWRPMKG/hLong Mx wide MX high M
ZK40+90/132/160600/900/120036~60400~7005.5x 0.8x 1.6

ZK40 Plus Extruder