KEYA Twin Screw Extruder

With more than 20 years of industry experience and installation practice of more than 8000 production lines, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. provides global customers with optimal cost performance and reliable compouding extrusion systems. Our twin screw extrusion machine models range from laboratory test samples by using lab scale twin screw extruder to polyolefin granulation engineering for petrochemical enterprises to meet the latest needs of various related industries.

The compounding system covers various process steps from material handling, metering feeding, step-by-step feeding, compounding extrusion, melt filtration or pressurization, pelletizing, conveying and cooling, drying, storage homogenization to packaging. With years of technological experience and strong strength, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional extruder machine manufacturer, has selected and trained many powerful suppliers to provide customers with a complete set of products. The compounding system of our plastic extrusion equipment for sale can effectively eliminate the repetitive work of communication between customers and dozens of suppliers, greatly save the cost and time limit for customers, and finally obtain the best return on investment.

Plastic Extrusion Equipment For Sale

In the upstream of the compounding system, the accurate measurement of materials is very important for the quality of final products. Nanjing Keya can provide different types of raw materials processing and suitable twin-screw extruders for users according to the characteristics and production scale of different materials, so as to ensure that the extruder can get stable and accurate input to complete blending.

According to different production scales and product characteristics, Nanjing Keya provides different types of granulation and material handling facilities for customers. For large-scale production of Engineering equipment, equipment stability and material uniformity are very important to customers. Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of engineering experience in these areas. We can provide you with reliable and economical implementation plans.

Customer-Centered Material Processing System

With the development of production technology, most compounding projects need a perfect material handling system. The blending project not only needs a high-level compounding extrusion system to obtain stable output but also needs a material system to ensure its stability. At the same time, it needs more economical, efficient, and energy-saving means to obtain high-quality products.

We are committed to optimizing the whole production system as the basis of the compounding system. Material handling involves storage, drying, transportation, mixing, metering, homogenization, etc. Providing a reliable and accurate pre-material handling and measuring device has become the key to the compounding system. Stability and accuracy are the primary factors when we provide the system. With KY's experience, our material processing system runs through all the process links of the compounding project. Customized solutions according to the unique needs of users will be a comprehensive solution with high reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The whole material processing system includes different types of twin-screw extruders, containers, and pipelines connected with different workplaces, involving material handling of different flow sizes. For free and non-free flow material transportation, KY can provide targeted solutions. All equipment can be combined and expanded to meet the increasing and changing process requirements of users, to help our customers improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

Reliable and easy-to-use control system

How many devices need how many control units? How do different control units work together? KY's work is to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use control system for the whole compounding system. This is an integrated control system based on industrial ethernet, which provides a new control standard for customers. The control of each extruder pelletizer can be connected to ethernet, using internal communication technology, and can be operated in the field, control room, or remote. At the same time, the system has flexibility and diversity, tailor-made for customer projects.

Aiming at the different production scale and different material production process, the plastic extrusion equipment for sale of our compounding system vary greatly. To satisfy different customers and different standard control systems, KY provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions for customers. By adopting the modular system, the system of our twin-screw extruders can be expanded or reformed with the expansion of production scale or the renewal of process, and seamlessly integrated with the existing general operating system. Our twin-screw extruder can significantly reduce user costs and saves learning time, so as to meet customers' requirements for continuous improvement of product quality and cost control.

What is the Difference Between Single Screw and Twin Screw Extruder?

  • Price: While the single screw extruder has a simple structure and low price, the twin-screw extruder holds a more complicated structure and therefore, higher prices.

  • Plasticizing Ability: Single screw machine is suitable for plasticizing extrusion of polymer and for extrusion processing of granular material. As for the single screw machine, the shear degradation of polymer is small, but the residence time of the material in the extruder is relatively long. In contrast, the twin-screw extruder pelletizer has good mixing and plasticizing ability, and the material normally stays in the extruder pelletizer for a short time, which is suitable for powder processing.

  • Processing Capacity and Energy Consumption: Unlike a single-screw machine, the twin extrusion screw for sale has a large output, fast extrusion speed, and low energy consumption per unit output.

  • Operation: The operation for the single screw extruder is easy and the process control is simple; whereas, the operation of the twin-screw extruder is relatively complicated and the process control requirements are high.