Industry News

  • 2020,09,27
    What details should be paid attention to when using an extruder
    1. Well inspect before starting the machineBefore opening the twin-screw extruder which has good brand and fame, we should carefully check it before using. For example, if there is any debris in the b...
  • 2020,09,24
    Application of Twin Screw Extruder
    Mixing plastic particles and high proportion of additives will get masterbatch.
  • 2020,09,21
    Design Principle of Extruder
    1. Principle of structureIn the process of using a reputable extruder, there will inevitably be some resistance, so it is necessary to design a reasonable structure to achieve the purpose of easy oper...
  • 2020,09,18
    Precautions for Using Twin Screw Extruder
    1. Pay attention to checking the tightness of the fuselage barrel in advanceBecause the internal environment of the whole extruder is high-temperature and airtight, there should not be any leakage, ot...
  • 2020,09,15
    The Benefits of Twin Screw Extruder
    1. Improving production efficiencyWith the spontaneous operation of the market economy, the invisible hand of market makes all walks of life more connected than ever before. This also makes a lot of p...
  • 2020,09,12
    The Functions of Extruder
    1. Reduce the cost of production operationIt is well known that in the production of masterbatches, we have a constant need to change the color. So when this demand arises, we need to open the process...
  • 2020,09,09
    Features of Lab Extruder
    1. The operation of the control system is more intuitiveBased on the operation of the current instrument and the analysis of the corresponding technical principles, it can be found that the control sy...
  • 2020,09,06
    Notes on Operating an Extruder
    1. Ensure the normal temperatureBefore starting the extruder, check whether the temperature control is sensitive, whether the instrument fails and whether the cooling water path is smooth. Generally, ...
  • 2020,09,03
    The Benefits of Buying an Extruder
    1. Wide range of industrial applicationsMany machines are only used in the industrial production of these machines. Therefore, their use range is not easy to cause industrial losses of the factory and...