BUCT Yinglan Laboratories Visited Keya, What Wonderful Dialogues Did They Have with Keya This Time at the "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition"?

In the context of national epidemic prevention and control, the Yinglan Laboratory of Polymer Materials Processing and Advanced Manufacturing at Beijing University of Chemical Technology used its discipline platform and advantages to build an online exhibition platform called the "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition" and produced a special program "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition Live Week", in which it has walked into relevant companies and introduced cooperative companies to the audience. On March 19, reporters from "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition" came to KY for a video interview. Li Zhuo, general manager of Nanjing KY Engineering Plastics Equipment Company, received reporters from "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition '' and expressed a warm welcome to them.

Yinglan was named after Yang Weimin, the dean of school of mechanical and electrical engineering of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the leader of the subject of polymer material processing and advanced manufacturing, and the Yangtze River scholar, which means "the cradle of righteous talents, the blue sky where the eagle soars."

Focusing on the major national needs for the development of the two strategic emerging industries of high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials, the laboratory systematically carries out the researches on the principle and equipment of polymer material precision molding in the field of high-end equipment for polymer material processing and molding, major key equipment for polymer material processing and molding, and polymer material processing and molding, micro-nano manufacturing equipment and enhanced heat exchange and energy-saving technologies and equipment.

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The chairman of the company Liu Guangzhi accepted the live interview of the "Yinglan Cloud Exhibition". Chairman Liu Guangzhi introduced to the audience the experience and gains of the company's development over the years. Entering 2021, the 14th Five-Year Plan will begin in an all-round way. Regarding the company's future planning, Chairman Liu Guangzhi said that he will continue to innovate, meet customer needs, further improve the production efficiency, develop green and efficient extruder machines, and reach the global advanced level of development of extruder machine, and continue to lead the development of the extruder machine industry, accumulate energy to promote the development of the industry!

In this event, Li Zhuo, General Manager of Nanjing KY Engineering Plastics Equipment Company; Lei Nianchen, Director of Research and Development of KY Equipment Group; Xiao Zonglin, General Manager of Nanjing KY Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company; Li Yang, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing KY Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company also respectively accepted video interviews of Yinglan.