What details should be paid attention to when using an extruder

1. Well inspect before starting the machine

Before opening the twin-screw extruder which has good brand and fame, we should carefully check it before using. For example, if there is any debris in the barrel, hopper and inside, we should clean it first. Then we should also check whether the screw of the extruder is tight. If it is loose, we should tighten the extruder immediately. The bearing and other relevant parts should be lubricated and the surrounding staff should be informed first when starting the machine.

2. Pay attention to the trial operation for a period of time

After the start-up, first use the low-speed operation mode to start the motor of the extruder, and then check the working current needle to ensure that it is in a normal state. If there is any abnormal sound or unstable operation of the two stage extruder when running, it shall be shut down and stopped immediately and relevant maintenance personnel shall be informed to solve the problem, and the idling time shall not exceed half an hour.

3. Pay attention to the temperature change and safety problems

When the extruder with a good sales in the industry has operated normally, the operator should also pay attention to the temperature change of the bearing and other key parts at any time. For example, the temperature of this part can be checked by the back of finger. However, during the operation of the extruder, it is not allowed to touch any rotating parts by hand to avoid safety problems. In addition, it is not allowed to knock with a heavy hammer and take corresponding protective measures during disassembly and installation.

The above are several details that need to be paid attention to when using the two stage extruder. In addition, it is also necessary to use a bamboo or copper knife and brush to clean the scraps on the screw, barrel and mold. It is not allowed to use a steel knife to scrape the scraps or burn the parts with fire. At the same time, when dealing with the extruder faults, the extruder is not allowed to be started.