KY Sk40 Plus Intelligent Double Screw Extruder Machine Won the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards!

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On the afternoon of March 9, 2021, the "Plastic Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2021" award ceremony was grandly held in Shanghai Longemont Hotel. After an independent review decision by the senior judges from industry associations and scientific research institutions, the SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine, which was selected by KY, won the Innovation Product Award of the competition!

The Ringier Innovation Award, which emphasizes innovation, total factor productivity, pays attention to technological progress, and focuses on product innovation, is once again awarded to Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. This is a recognition and affirmation of KY's efforts in innovative products and technologies!

1. KY SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine

In this public voting and expert evaluation, KY SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine demonstrated technological innovations in many fields from parts to the complete machine, including high-efficiency and energy-saving transmission systems, and the design of technological adaptation in the material processing section (4D/6D barrel design, optional HIP barrel screw material), new barrel cooling system and efficient heating and energy-saving electrical components.

KY not only has a forward-looking perspective on the development trend of the industry to carry out technological innovation, but also fully considers the actual needs of customers. KY's technology not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also takes into account the stability, safety and energy saving of the product. The performance improvement brought about by the technological advancement of SK40 Plus double screw compounding and extrusion equipment will surely create higher value for the majority of users of KY!

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In addition, during the awarding session of the competition, Lei Nianchen, Director of KY R&D, as the representative of the R&D team, came to the stage to preach KY's technological innovation concept, and said that in the coming time, all KY employees will continue to uphold the concept of pioneering and innovation so as to improve research and development capabilities and create greater benefits for the majority of users of modified compounding and granulating!

2. Development advantages of KY SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine

So far, dozens of SK40 Plus models have been sold, and they have been recognized and praised by users. A customer in Xiamen purchased the SK40 Plus experimental prototype with a discounted price, which was tested under severe working conditions, and was compared and analyzed as one of KY's models with other brands in the industry in this competition. The analysis results of the test prototype show that the dispersibility, light transmittance and output of the SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine are comparable to imported models with the same parameters.

The product can be recognized by users and the industry, which is inseparable from the hard work of all the staff of KY, and is also inseparable from the warm support of users! Since its establishment in 1993, the company has gone through ups and downs for more than 20 years and insisted on leading the industry in technological innovation. It has been hailed by the industry as the "Whampoa Military Academy" in China's double screw industry. KY has been on the way to innovation.