SK26/36 Twin Screw Extruder

Overview of SK26/36 Twin Screw Extruder

SK26/36 twin-screw extruder is mainly used for the experiment and small batch production, especially for small batch and multi-variety materials, such as color masterbatch and functional masterbatch.

In addition, the SK26/36 extrusion screw for sale has an integrated auxiliary design, all internal pipes, water lines, vacuum pipes, and wires have been connected and can be produced by water, electricity, and ventilation at the customer's site, which greatly meets the needs of humanization, convenience and intelligence of the equipment at the customer's site.

Device parameters of SK26/36 twin-screw extruder

ModelMotor power (KW)Screw speed (RPM)Aspect ratioOutput (KG/h)Size of the main equipment
(Length Mx, width Mx, and height M)
SK2618.5/30600/90036~605~503x 0.8x 1.6
SK3637/55600/90036~6020~2004x 0.8x 1.6

Advantages of SK26/36 Twin-screw Extruder

  • SK26/36 twin-screw extruder has the advantages of less material consumption and high efficiency in switching different materials, good amplification consistency, that is, the performance of products made by small experimental equipment is no different from that made by large machines.

  • SK26/36 twin-screw extruder machine fully considers the need to adapt to and meet the requirements of various experimental conditions in the design process. It has been equipped with or reserved a lateral forced feeding port to facilitate the operation of some materials that are not suitable for the first feeding port. At the same time, it has reserved a liquid feeding port to facilitate the diversion of liquid raw materials.

SK26/36 Twin Screw Extruder