Advantages of the Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

The combined design of twin screw extruder machine can arrange and combine screw components and barrel components with various geometrical shapes, according to different mixing requirements. The design is optimized to meet the needs of different process formula, so that the co rotating twin screw extruder has a strong adaptability. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Better mixing performance: Because the two screws mesh with each other, and there are various kinds of threaded components with rich functions, such as anti-threaded components, meshing disc components, tooth disc components, etc., the mixing performance is better. Process engineers can adjust the combination of screw elements according to the processing requirements of the material to precisely adjust the shearing/mixing process, thus effectively controlling the mixing strength and mixing quality (no matter whether it is the dispersion mixing). This is beyond the capability of a single screw extruder machine.

2. The flexibility of processing: The co rotating twin screw extruder usually adopts the way of metering feeding, so at a certain speed, the output depends on the amount of feeding. Therefore, you can flexibly deal with melting, mixing, exhausting, reaction and other processing functions in a machine.

3. The controllability of process parameters: The distribution of the dwelling time of the co rotating twin screw extruder is narrow, which is good for the convective heat transfer and accurate temperature curve control. Besides, it can obtain better extrusion shearing-time-temperature course, and input mechanical energy in a wider range, so as to obtain better stability in the product quality.

4. High efficiency in the technology production: The positive displacement of screw can handle more raw materials and mixed formula with a short downtime.

5. Higher economy: Due to high process flexibility and productivity, it can produce a wider range of final products, and can provide highly consistent product quality, and can adjust the screw speed to compensate for screw wear.