How to Clean the Extruder

1. Resin cleaning

As the name implies, use a resin, such as polyester resin or epoxy resin cleaner, generally used in new equipment or extruder for a period of time. Because some materials remain on the screw or barrel, the extrusion speed of materials becomes slow, and the color variation is large, this method can be used. Check whether the cylinder material machine is clean. Clean plastic machine surface is needed. Set the required temperature to wash the screw and wait for the temperature and back pressure to reach the set value. Shoot the remaining screw materials into the air and add the cleaning materials. The discharge is carried out by the process of fast, slow, and fast injection. Pay attention to the color of the injection material. Repeat the above procedure three times. When the extruded material does not produce the color of the original product or is not pasted, the extruder is considered clean.

2. Non-resin cleaning

This method is to use some materials with high friction and easy to crush, such as rice, corn, sawdust, toilet paper after heating. Use these materials to rub between the surface of the screw and the screw barrel to remove the resin attached to the surface. Experience shows that rice husk has high hardness and high friction. After using this method to clean the twin screw extruder machine, it is necessary to open the screw cylinder to check the condition of the machine. Under normal circumstances, it is also necessary to use resin to clean the machine materials before the machine is started, and then the product production is officially started. The advantage of cleaning the extruder without dismantling the machine is that it can shorten the cleaning time of the machine, but there is also the risk of incomplete cleaning.

These are the two methods of cleaning up the extruder, which are proved to be very good.