Precautions for Using Twin Screw Extruder

1. Pay attention to checking the tightness of the fuselage barrel in advance

Because the internal environment of the whole extruder is high-temperature and airtight, there should not be any leakage, otherwise it is easy to cause air pouring into the extruder and affect the internal temperature rise. Therefore, when using the twin screw extruder, first check whether the internal sealing of the extruder is complete, so as to ensure the internal temperature rise in the subsequent use and the safety of the melting process of plastic products.

2. Pay attention to low-speed operation before starting the machine.

When using the extruder, high-speed operation cannot be carried out at the beginning, because the inner tank of the machine is not preheated before starting lab twin screw extruder, if it is accelerated directly, it is easy to burn the inner tank of the machine in the subsequent use process, which leads to the failure of the operation of the inner tank. Therefore, the machine can be operated at a low speed before start-up.

3. Pay attention to the installation position of the screw

After installing the machine, pay attention to the installation position of the two screws. Because the screw position of the twin screw extruder determines the efficiency of using the machine and the speed of melting the raw materials. If the two screws are interchanged, it is easy to cause internal operation failure and affect the subsequent cutting and cutting of raw materials. Therefore, check the installation steps and the position of the installation parts in advance.

The reliable lab twin screw extruderneeds to be combined with the correct use method to play its due level. When using the twin screw extruder it is not only necessary to check the tightness of the machine body, but also to make preparations for the start-up of the machine at a low speed, at the same time, it is also necessary to check the installation position of the screw to be successful in subsequent operations.