KYMACH Demonstrates Strength with Shipment of 11 Machines

In the first week after the Labor Day holiday, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KYMACH") once again demonstrated its outstanding production capabilities and market influence with practical actions, successfully delivering 11 sets of equipment to its customers. This highlights KYMACH's exceptional performance in production efficiency and reflects the company's strong position in the industry and high recognition from users.


KYMACH has always been committed to improving production efficiency, achieving efficient operations from parts production, assembly, to complete machine delivery. After receiving orders, the production workshop swiftly mobilizes resources, organizes production staff to work overtime, optimizes production plans, and ensures that every piece of equipment is delivered on time to meet customers' demands.

The 11 sets of equipment shipped this time are mainly the fourth-generation HK MT models, featuring the company's latest research results and technological innovations, with higher performance, lower energy consumption, and longer service life. The implementation of these devices will strongly promote technological progress and industrial upgrades in the related sectors.


In the futur KEYMACH will continue to enhance its strength, providing more high-quality, efficient intelligent equipment products and solutions to global customers.