How Many Stages Are There in the Study of the Extrusion Process for Double Screw Extruders?

Double screw extruder has the extrusion principle of a single-screw extruder. It solidly conveys, melts, pressurizes, and pumps the mixed gas for dehydration and devolatilization removal; but it is not simply that. The study of the double screw extrusion theory started late, and combined with its various types, complex screw geometry, and complicated extrusion process, this has brought many difficulties to the research.

Daily maintenance of double screw extruders

  • After using for 500 hours, there will be gear debris or other impurities worn down in the gearbox. Therefore, clean the gears and replace the gearbox lubrication oil.

  • After using for a period of time, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the extruder and check the tightness of all screws.

  • If there is a sudden power failure during production, and the main drive and heating stop, when power is restored, the various sections of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and insulated for a period of time before starting the double screw extruder.

  • If the direction of the instrument or pointer is changed to full scale, check whether the contact of the thermocouple or other wire lines is good.

From the study of the extrusion process of double screw extruders, it can be roughly divided into three stages

  • Establish a mathematical and physical model to guide the design and optimization of the double screw extruder according to the state change rules of the polymer in the extrusion process, the conveying principle of solid and melt, and the truth and rules of exhaust.

  • Clarify the real situation of state changes, mixing form, structural changes, and the final mixture's relationship with performance for two or more polymers or materials in the extrusion process.

  • As a double  screw extruder, establish a model to guide the reaction-forming extrusion process, the reaction process, speed, performance, and the inherent connection between screw configuration and operating conditions.

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