Causes of Failure of the Twin Screw Extruder

1. The reason why the main motor of the twin screw extruder cannot be started

The start-up procedure is wrong. There is a problem with the main motor thread. Check whether the fuse is burned out.

Treatment method: check the procedure of the dual screw extruder and restart it in the correct start-up sequence. Check the main motor circuit. Check whether the lubricating oil pump is activated, and check the status of the interlocks related to the main motor. If the induction power of the inverter has not been discharged, turn off the main power supply and wait for 5 minutes before restarting. Check whether the emergency button is reset.

2. The reason for the current instability of the main motor of the twin screw extruder

Reasons include uneven feeding, damage to the main motor bearing or poor lubrication, failure of a certain section of the heater, no heating, wrong screw adjustment pad, or wrong phase, component interference.

Treatment method: check the feeder and troubleshoot. Overhaul the main motor of the dual screw extruder, and replace the bearing if necessary. Check whether each heater is working properly, and replace the heater if necessary. Check the adjustment pad, pull out the screw, and check whether there is an interference phenomenon of the screw.

3. The reason for the poor discharge or blockage of the head of the twin screw extruder

A certain section of the heater does not work, and the material is poorly plasticized. The operating temperature of the dual screw extruder is set too low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable. There may be a foreign matter that does not melt easily.

Treatment method: check the heater and replace it if necessary. Verify the set temperature of each section, and negotiate with the technician if necessary to increase the temperature set value. Clean and check the extrusion system and head of the twin screw extruder.

4. The reason for the abnormal sound of the main motor of the twin screw extruder

The main motor bearing is damaged. A certain thyristor in the thyristor rectifier circuit of the main motor is damaged.

Treatment method: replace the main motor bearing. Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, and replace the thyristor element if necessary.

5. The cause of the high-temperature rise of the main motor bearing of the twin screw extruder

Poor bearing lubrication. Bearings are severely worn.

Treatment method: check and add lubricant. Check the motor bearing of the twin screw extruder and replace it if necessary.

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