What Are the Design Principles of Twin Screw Extruders?

The twin screw extruder is often used when processing products in the factory, because it can well mold the corresponding materials, and it is much convenient to use during the process of use than other similar mechanical products. However, in the process of design and operation, the following three principles must be observed. The relevant operators should have a very clear understanding of this in order to better exert its effectiveness.

1. The structural principle of twin screw extruder

In the process of operating with a reputable twin screw extruder, it is inevitable that there will be a certain resistance, so it is necessary to design a reasonable structure to achieve the purpose of easy operation and work. Especially in terms of the twin screw extruder, because there are two screws that cross each other and operate in two different directions, and in either case, there are direct thrust bearings to complete the corresponding operation, which complies with Newton's theorem.

2. The temperature principle of twin screw extruder

Since the plastic extruded by the twin screw extruder is a thermoplastic, there will be certain requirements on the temperature during processing, and the process of heat melting and cold solidification is required. Therefore, a high-quality twin screw extruder will be equipped with the corresponding structure which is used to preheat and heat the feeding of loadometer during the design process, and during operation, the temperature of the rear cylinder is also very important and needs to be controlled.

3. The deceleration principle of twin screw extruder

In order to reduce the frictional heat generated during the operation of the twin screw extruder, the deceleration function will be taken into account during the design process. Observing such a deceleration principle can make the product preparation more uniform in the production process, and at the same time enable the operator of the twin screw extruder to better grasp the deceleration speed so as to match it with the working speed and improve the quality of the product and efficiency.

The above are the main aspects included in the design principles of the twin screw extruder. In addition, during the operation, the relevant personnel should pay attention to frequently check through the window in the upper part of the feeding port and observe whether the material condition is stable and uniform. At the same time, pay attention to check the operation of the drive motor of the twin screw extruder, whether there is any abnormal change in the current value, and so on.