KYmach Offers improved Twin-Screw Solutions for PC Processing

The Online Seminar about PC Extrusion and Modification will launch on November 28th

On November 28, 2023, Guo Hongjun, a PC modification process engineer of Nanjing KY Chemical Co., Ltd.(KYmach) is invited to give a in-depth presentation at Ringier’s Online Classroom. With over 10 years experience in the plastic modification industry, he will present the seminar about "Key Techniques for PC Twin-Screw Extrusion Modification Design" and demonstrate how professional PC modification technology can address the challenges of improving quality and efficiency in the twin-screw extruder industry.



How to maximize the advantages of PC to obtain the desired material performance with minimal use of additives and fillers given various requirements for different products? The crucial fact is the modified formulation design and extrusion process design. In particular, the extrusion process design involves  details, such as feeding method, temperature control, screw speed, screw L/D, quality/wear of screw elements and etc.


This online seminar will provide a detailed explanation in perspectives of screw configuration and production process. It will also introduce how KYmach’s digital delivery solutions can help clients to accelerate the intelligent transformation and upgrading process. There will also be a Q&A session.



Seminar Details:

Date: November 28th (Tuesday), 14:00-15:00

Topic: KYmach's Twin-Screw Solutions for PC Processing

Speaker: Mr. Guo Hongjun


- PC Modification Process Engineer

- Over 10 years experience in the plastic modification industry

- Former PC Modification Process Engineer at petrochemical company


Attend the meeting:

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