Design Principle of Extruder

1. Principle of structure

In the process of using a reputable extruder, there will inevitably be some resistance, so it is necessary to design a reasonable structure to achieve the purpose of easy operation and operation. Especially in the extruder, because there are two screws running in two different directions, and in either case, there are thrust bearings to complete the corresponding operation and conform to Newton's theorem.

2. Principle of temperature

Because the plastic from extruder belongs to thermal plastic, which requires the process of hot melting and cold setting. Therefore, the extruder with good quality will use the corresponding structure of the weighbridge feed preheating and heating in the design, and in the operation, the temperature of the rear cylinder is also very important to grasp.

3. Principle of deceleration

In order to reduce the friction heat produced during the operation of the extruder, so in the design process, it will be taken into account and set up the deceleration function. The production process can make the product preparation more uniform after following such a deceleration principle. Meanwhile, the operator of the extruder can better grasp the deceleration speed so as to match the working speed to improve the quality and efficiency of the product.

These are the main aspects of the design principles of the extruder. In addition, during the operation, the relevant personnel should often check the upper window of the feeding port and observe whether the material condition is stable and uniform. At the same time, pay attention to check the operation of the drive motor of the extruder, whether the current value has abnormal changes, etc. KY Solution Group has good quality labatory extruder for sale.