At Chinaplas 2021, KY Brings Two Star Products to You

A few days ago, "CHINAPLAS 2021 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as "KY") brought SK70 Plus high-performance co-rotating double screw extruder machine and SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine.

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1. KY is a professional company for double screw extruder machines

Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known double screw production and R&D enterprise in China with a history of more than 30 years.

Since the birth of the first domestically-made SHL-60 co-rotating double screw compounding extrusion unit, KY has continuously increased its investment in innovation. In recent years, the cost of research and development has exceeded 8 million yuan per year. While its product is accelerating iterative updates, KY has also become a high-tech enterprise with outstanding technology research and development capabilities for the double screw extruder machine, large-scale production and stable product quality in China.

At present, KY has accumulated more than 500 application cases of various types of plastic compounding modification, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. More than 8,600 sets of equipment are running smoothly all over the world and are favored by the market and customers.

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2. SK70 Plus high-performance co-rotating double screw extruder machine

High torque and high efficiency:

SK70 Plus high-performance co-rotating double screw extruder machine is a star product produced by KY Group with over 30 years of experience. It has the characteristics of high torque, high speed and large volume of KY SK series models, with a torque coefficient of 15. Using manufacturing technology and inspection specifications of  international equivalent products, the whole machine has high stability and high efficiency, which can win market competitiveness for users while taking into account green and energy saving; the service life is more than 50,000h.

The complete production line of SK70 Plus high-performance co-rotating double screw extruder machine is designed with the principle of "building blocks" and "modularity" to achieve specificity and versatility. Through compounding and modification, high value-added deep processing can be achieved. Optional lateral feeding, lateral exhaust, enhanced feeding and other devices are available; there are multiple functional screw elements and 4D/6D barrels, providing a wider range of technological adaptability.

In addition, the machine adopts a new type of machine head, the runner is shorter, and the double-hinged opening and closing design can be opened more quickly and easily cleaned, reducing the user's downtime and material waste; efficient cooling design: the cooling pipeline is equipped with imported COAX and the cylinder adopts a brand-new radial waterway design and adopts the heating element imported from Japan to improve the temperature control efficiency, reduce the temperature difference distribution and thermal deformation of the cylinder, and avoid the local shear heat and hardware wear caused by this, and prolong the service life of equipment and parts.

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3. SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine

Small size, large output:

KY has a keen market "tentacles", can deeply understand the development needs of users, and design related technical solutions. At the recently concluded "2021 Plastic Industry—Ringier Technology Innovation Award" awards ceremony, KY's product SK40 Plus intelligent double screw extruder machine won the Innovative Product Award. This extruder machine can achieve greater output on a small machine and lower energy consumption per unit. The machine adopts a high-speed and high-torque transmission system customized by Germany Henschel Company. The overall strength and gear system stability are greatly improved. At the same time, it is smaller in size and equipped with a more powerful lubrication and cooling system, which can make users safer and enable them to use the extruder machine silently.

SK40 Plus has specially redesigned the processing section for high-quality master batch production, and provides a variety of screw elements to facilitate process engineers to adapt to more formulas for screw design; the screw and barrel are made of HIP powder metallurgy materials imported from Germany with smaller matching gap and longer service life; it is equipped with lateral feeding, lateral exhaust, enhanced feeding and other devices, which can be used to obtain greater output when users add large amounts of toner, carbon black or other fillers or additives with small particle size.

It is worth noting that SK40 Plus also adopts KY's newly developed mobile and interconnected KY cloud control system (K-Cloud), which in a true sense realizes the integration and intercommunication of industrialization, digitization, and informationization of the company's extruder production line. The system is based on industrial internet communication. The operation and monitoring system integrates part of the SCADA and MES functions. It not only includes the control interface, process parameter and trend data recording interface commonly used by users, but also can realize equipment management, equipment OEE analysis, order management, recipe management, remote maintenance and other functions through expansion. Through the connection to the industrial Internet, it can not only enable users to achieve remote and convenient monitoring and maintenance through the KY cloud service, but also provide a unified standard TCP/IP communication interface and protocol that can be connected to the user's ERP and other systems to achieve the docking.