Analysis of Inspection and Maintenance Strategies for Double Screw Extruder

Double screw extruder How to repair when a malfunction occurs? How is it maintained in daily use? In the article below, we will introduce the disassembly and overhaul of the screw of the double screw extruder in detail.

Disassembly and overhaul of the double screw extruder

  • Confirm that the material in the twin screw extruder barrel is melted, remove the head, and extract the screw.

  • Remove the material and carbon deposits on the surface of the screw. Be careful to use tools such as copper plates, copper rods, and copper wire brushes during the cleaning process. Do not use steel rods to strike.

Maintenance and inspection of the double screw extruder

  • Daily inspection: Lubrication and oil level of various lubrication positions, temperature rise and noise of bearings of various rotating parts, vibration of the double screw extruder unit; current and voltage display of the motor; temperature, pressure display of lubricating oil and cooling water and leakage of pipelines.

  • After the machine has been used for a period of time, a comprehensive inspection should be done to check the tightness of all screws.

  • Check the wear of the barrel and screw, gear box, bearings, and oil seals every year.

Lubricating oil for double screw extruder

  • After the double screw extruder has been used for 500 hours, there will be iron filings or other impurities from the gears in the gearbox, so the gears should be cleaned and the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced.

  • After the new machine is run-in, all gearboxes should be filled with new oil. After running for 3000 hours, the lubricating oil should be changed again, and the oil quality should be checked in necessary overhauls and replaced if necessary.

Maintenance of double screw extruder

  • When opening the barrel cover or exhaust cover, be sure to prevent foreign objects from falling into the main machine.

  • If there is a power outage during production, the main drive and heating stop. After the power supply is restored, the sections of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and kept warm for a period of time before the double screw extruder machine can be started.

  • If the turning range of the instruments and pointers is found to be full, check whether the contact of the thermocouple and other wires is good.

  • When the machine is parked for a long time, rust and pollution prevention measures should be taken.

  • There should be no debris in the material, and hard objects such as metal and sandstone are strictly prohibited from entering the hopper and double screw extruder.

  • When the main motor is a DC motor, check the carbon brushes of the motor every month and make records. Replace them in time when necessary.