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Advantages of Twin Screw Extruder

The twin screw compounding extruder is to transform solid plastics into uniform melts by heating, pressing and shearing, and send the melts to the next process, which is continuously optimized by the technology of twin screw extruder. It has been widely used in filling and blending of polypropylene and superabsorbent resin. What are the advantages of twin screw extruder?

1. Reduce costs

Large-scale extruders can reduce the production cost, film blowing device, pipe extrusion device, etc. The screw extruder can meet the special requirements of different users and shorten the development cycle of new products. The developed countries have adopted modern electronic and computer control technology to automatically control the melt pressure, temperature and body temperature of the whole extrusion process.

2. Energy conservation

In the twin screw extruder, the temperature of several stages is also flipped during the process of heating. This method is also commonly used. Usually, the temperature of the die has not reached the inevitable target after the temperature of the screw reaches, so in this case, people usually keep the screw warm, and then the temperature of the die gradually rises to the setting temperature before the start-up, which is characterized by high efficiency and energy conservation.

3. Not easy to deteriorate

Because the speed of the screw groove is opposite to the direction of the groove in the meshing area, and there is a small gap in the meshing part, so the meshing area has a relatively high shear rate, and can scrape off any accumulated materials stuck on the screw, which has a very good self-cleaning effect. The retention time of the material is very short and is not easy to produce local degradation and deterioration, and the mixing effect is much better than that of single screw extruder.