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Methods to Improve the Working Efficiency of Twin Screw Extruder

1. Improve consumption efficiency

To improve consumption efficiency is one of the important purposes of the development of twin screw extruder, which is achieved by increasing screw speed, strengthening plasticization and mixing ability. At the same rotating speed of screw, increasing the depth of the screw groove can greatly increase the delivery. Accordingly, the plasticization and mixing of the screw are required to increase, which requires that the twin screw extruder can accept more torque.

2. Increase the free volume of the screw groove

It is necessary to increase the free volume of twin screw extruder in the feeding section and the devolatilization section. In view of the loose density material, increasing the free volume of the feeding section and the overflow level of the material in the screw groove can greatly improve the consumption ability of the extruder. At high rotating speed, the residence time of the material in the extruder is reduced, which may lead to insufficient plasticization, melting and mixing of the material. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the screw length properly, which will inevitably lead to the increase of the practical load-bearing torque and power of the twin screw extruder.

3. Improve the torque and rotating speed

In order to improve the torque and speed of the equipment, it is necessary to design the decelerating distribution box of the twin screw extruder carefully. In order to greatly improve the torque index of the equipment, it is necessary to put forward a higher request for the design and manufacturing degree of the gearbox. The higher the torque is, the higher the design, manufacturing accuracy, material strength and heat treatment requirements of the gear, output shaft, bearing and other parts in the transmission box are. At the same time, the higher the design and manufacturing accuracy requirements of the core shaft, screw element, kneading plate and other parts of the twin screw extruder are.

In a word, the way to improve the working efficiency of twin screw extruder is to improve the consumption efficiency, increase the free volume of screw groove, and improve the torque and speed. According to the function of each section, the screw of twin screw extruder with affordable price can be divided into feeding section, plasticizing section, mixing section, exhaust section and extrusion section. These segments have different functions in the extrusion process, and their structures are different, so the corresponding screw element geometric parameters are also different, so it is the key to confirm the screw element geometric parameters in the design of the plasticizing system. If this product is of your interest, we also have twin screw extruder parts for sale.